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Plastic security film film


plastic holographic security film is one based on the laser, precision machinery and other physical and chemical cross-disciplinary high-tech visual security products, our company with independent intellectual property rights

Dot laser holographic  is mainly used for a variety of high-end documents, the protection of goods. sepcially for first generation resident ID card security material, driver's license, the Sydney Olympic Games badge, exit permits, adopted the technology.


The security film is particularly suitable for production in the three-dimensional hologram can be used for this type documents, labels, file security and so on. Current level of production of such materials and to the world level, comprehensive security level and the international synchronization, combined with superb holographic plate security level up to world-class security level, can be made into a composite membrane and the transfer film, the hologram can be made into the same bits vision, 2D/3D dynamic effect, and customization according to customer requirements. Positioning accuracy of the positioning wash aluminum technology involved and wash the aluminum fine, our current level   about 1mm Chinese characters, about 0.8mm english word the positioning accuracy  is  about 0.2mm, the technical level is relatively high.


• has a front-line security features, security image is very clear and beautiful, colorful, three-dimensional sense of strong, without any tools can be identified. The state of the head can see that the one-dimensional image, the viewing angle changes, you can see the two-dimensional, three-dimensional stereo images.
.Close to fully transparent holographic film surface image, rotate a certain angle will be clear reproduction of the composite and after compound with card, it does not cover or affect any of the products;
• Once the compound will not be able to complete lifted, effectively prevent the document has been tampered with. Its use is very convenient, can use pouch Laminator (plastic temperature range of 110 to 130 ° C) to laminate seamless with card,  can also be used a special adhesive transfer to the card surface.
• With intuitive visual can be verified that the average person can identify true or false.


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