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passport lamination security film


it  is a high-tech transparent security film combination of nano-dielectric material through repeatedly printing, It use for protection of personal information on the data page of this type certificates (protection cover) in order to guard against tampered with personal information (security coverage)

• can be used for a variety of documents of this type, the security of goods. Such as: passport , the Expo Passport documents and other booklet documents security .



we choose  transfer type- transparent holographic anti-counterfeit film, easily identifiable in the security and identification, imitation costs  high, beautiful and environmentally friendly. in terms of quality, good light transmission ,hologram diffraction efficiency (under ordinary light), and the adhesion well with data page, good cutting and difficult to tear off, abrasion resistance, anti-aging,etc , Plastic film itself does not cover the content of the product; Once the composite ,will can not open to prevent the document tampered effectively. Its very easy to use, can use pouch laminator (plastic temperature range of 110 to 130 ° C) or l aminating equipment  composite seamless, or transferred directly to  the printed surface of date. Their security designs can be made ​​ 2D/3D effects, Same bits vision,, miniature word effect. Pattern with customer customization;

• Features
• through the film can clearly see the information page on the card holder information (including personal text messages, photos), as well as the physical printing anti-counterfeit labels .it is easy copying and scanning of the data page. The same time, you can clearly see laser holographic image.
 through changing angle

• corrosion resistance, good chemical stability.
• Suitable for platen plastic.
• plastic boundary cutting edge no obvious glitches.
• Plastic to this document information page paper does not peel easily, fragmentation and can not be recovered after stripping.
• With intuitive visual can be verified that the average person can identify their true and false.



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